PC software is a collection of software and tools that make the dumb hardware of your computer work. It allows you to create everything from documents to designing graphics or surfing the web. There are two types of pc software which are application software and system software. Each operates in a different way and provides different types of computer functions.

The most familiar type of PC software is the operating system (OS). It’s the primary program that is run when you switch on your computer. It manages all the other system software and programs that run in the background. The average user of a computer interacts with the OS via its graphic user interface (GUI) or in some cases, a simpler command-line interface.

Other kinds of computer software include driver drivers for devices. They function as software interfaces to specific hardware connected to computers and assist the operating system and computer programs to control them. Firmware is another kind of permanent software that runs on read-only memory, and provides low-level controls for hardware devices, and utility software which functions to configure, maintain and offer support in the analysis and optimization of a computer system.

Programming software is a kind of computer software that permits programmers to write, test, and debug computer programs. It is a programming language like Java, Python, and assemblers. Compilers and interpreters convert high-level languages to low-level machine code that is executed by the CPU.

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