Every client you could ever
want is on LinkedIn
looking for you.

Let us
introduce you!

We create the most effective, authentic, and engaging LinkedIn
strategies on the planet.

No Monthly Fee, Guaranteed Outcome, You only pay for results.

How do we do that?
We start with a makeover

We give your profile a complete makeover, crafting you a compelling message to resonate with your target audience.

We create a campaign

We then create a powerful campaign combining the 300 text characters allowed by LinkedIn with a video to deliver a powerful, authentic, engaging connection message directly from you to your target audience.

We create a video message with you

Then, using specialised software, we embed your connection video into your invites, so they play inside the LinkedIn messaging platform, ensuring maximum engagement.

We then start to connect you

The next step to send a set number of these video invites to your specifically targetted target audience.

What do we guarantee?
We guarantee you only pay for the number of connections you make. If you want 1,000 new connections in a particular market and you only get 500, you only pay for 500.
How do we do that?

Once you reach your guaranteed connection number, we then commence the conversion campaign.

The conversion campaign, which consists of five videos, delivers your offer or call to action straight to the Linkedin inbox of your target audience.

The Conversion Campaign is a critical component of an effective Linkedin strategy and is a vital piece of work so many Linkedin marketers ignore.

Your connection campaign creates a highly qualified database of potential clients. That database of clients won’t do you much good unless you have a compelling offer that helps them. This is what the Conversion Campaign is all about.

You don’t charge a monthly fee?

Nope. Not only do we guarantee the number of Linkedin connections you will make and assist in converting those connections into prospects. We don’t charge a monthly fee. You only pay for successful connections. So, no monthly payments hoping the campaign will work. We work on success as you pay for the number of successful connections you make.

What Client’s Say

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